On the production side we can point out that the range of products we offer on our market consists of products for industrial floors and products for hydro protection:

ferbeton ferbeton

• FERBETON - U is an additive cement based base material and suitable additives used in the capacity of increasing the wear resistance of concrete floor surfaces. By applying this material, other mechanical properties such as the compressive strength and concrete flooring increase.

epokonsamoliv  epokonsamoliv

• EPOKON SAMOLIV is a three-component self-leveling epoxy material used for severe exploitation conditions. It tolerates high mechanical loads and is resistant to large chemical aggressions. As a floor area there is a large area of ​​application such as: warehouses, corridors, social facilities, laboratories and flooring in various industrial halls such as in the food industry, textile, printing, chemical, etc.

epokonpremazg2  epokonprajmer

• EPOKON COATING G2 is a two-component epoxy coating used as a final layer of walls and floors in places where chemical aggression protection is required and to obtain a monolithic and unique surface easy to clean and maintain.

hidrolit  hidrolit

• HYDROLIT is a two-component acrylic - cement mixture that is used primarily in places where there is a need for protection from the so-called. * negative * pressure on the water. It is used for waterproofing of pools, sewers, shelters, basements, water tanks and similar.

hidrostop  hidrostophs

• HYDROSTOP HS is a special, elastic acrylate emulsion for walls, flat roofs, basements and any other concrete surfaces. HYDROSTOP HS is excellent waterproofing. With a very simple application, excellent waterproofing is obtained.

flutekn585l  flutecn585l

• FLUTEK H585L is a highly effective super plasticizer and high-grade water reducer for concrete and mortar. It is used to provide good workability or to reduce the water-cement factor as well as to enable greater compressive strength.

nivelitsp  nivelitSP

• AKRIL NIVELIT SP is a two component, self-leveling acrylic cement finish, easy to maintain. On ACRIL NIVELIT SP are applied finishing protective coatings BETONAL in shades of choice or transparent (as varnish).

nivelitp  nivelitp

• AKRIL NIVELIT P is a two-component mass, which provides protection of concrete surfaces from rapid decomposition. It is used in facilities for easy pedestrian traffic, for the preparation of concrete substrates, which will be used for the installation of ready-made floor coverings (vinyl tiles, vinflex tiles, parquet, laminates and other linings). Concrete protective coatings are applied on AKRIL NIVELIT P, in objects where transport and loading means are not used, but are used only for pedestrian traffic (textile halls, manual warehouses, etc.).

nivelits  nivelits • AKRYL NIVELIT S - OLMA is a two-component self-leveling floor covering. It is used for leveling of concrete surfaces as a substrate for placing of floor finishes such as parquet, ceramic tiles, linoleum, PVC linings, carpets, synthetics and the like.
nivelitz  nivelitz • AKRIL NIVELIT Z is a two-component leveling wall covering. It is used in buildings where there is a need for pre-leveling of the wall surfaces which should be finely treated with epoxy coatings such as: textile industry halls, food industry, commercial halls (warehouses) garages, trade shops, showrooms, school premises, libraries, laboratories and similar premises.

• The company works and separation for quartz fillers with granulation from 0 mm to 3.50 mm. QUARTZ SANDS have a wide range of applications in almost all industries: construction, bitumen, ceramics, foundry, chemical, then for external and internal sand blasting of metal, concrete, glass and textile surfaces, as well as in railway traffic as one of the components for braking locomotives.

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